Devastator was involved in a battle with Ironhide and Sideswipe, thousands of years ago. Red Death | Smartsy Fartsy | As Evac drives away with the aid of Sideswipe, he is attack by Bonecrusher, whom Sideswipe fended off. Commodus | Scalemagne | ... It’s Devastator! Dr. Evil-doer George Armstrong Custer | Photo Gallery – Construction. When Devastator punches the pyramid, its hand is traveling at 390 miles per hour. Captain Smek | Lola | After defeating Bonecrusher, Evac is again sucked into Devastator's Vortex Grinder but luckily was able to emerge by activating his battle shields, saving him. Devastator is made up of 6467 total textures, taking up 32 gigabytes of computer space. Hmmm. Ms. Grunion | Mudflap is then sucked into Devastator's mouth, holding on just out of reach of the grinding gears. Tales of Arcadia Villains | Ay | Drago Bludvist | Prince Charming | Whether he's formed from six, seven, eight, or even nine Constructicons, Devastator is a giant among giants. When Devastator was climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza, a pair of brass balls are notably seen when he is climbing thus making this a popular gag for him. In the toyline, as officially claimed, he is formed by seven Constructicons while in the film, he is formed by 9 Constructicons. Butt-erflies | Don Lino | This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. Upon arrival in Egypt, the Constructicons that made up Devastator combined and attacked Leo Spitz, Seymour Simmons, Skids, and Mudflap. Melvinborg | At this point it feels as if the animators were just throwing in random construction equipment components all over the show to exaggerate his size, despite there only being between a debatable nine or ten vehicles visible pre-transformation. Headless Horseman | Guy Gagné | There’s a large amount of construction activity visible on the … Luca | Wu Sisters | The Boov (Officer Kyle) | Interestingly, the prototype image for the. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (PSP), In a variable universal stream, Devastator worked to uncover the Star Harvester for the Fallen in Cairo. Full Name After Optimus prime combined with Jetfire's parts, NEST informed him of an "ECHO ROMEO" terrorizing Cairo. Splitter | Aid Megatron and The Fallen in unearthing the Sun Harvester for them to use in making more Energon (all failed). In 1990, the final year of the Transformers toyline in the U.S., an Action Master figure of Devastator was released, with a transforming partner named Scorpulator. It rampaged through the construction facility, sucking up anything not anchored down, such as sand, cars, and Mudflap. Evil Queen | Since his components Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster and Scrapper were present during Operation Firestorm while he unearths the Sun Harvester, it is possible there could be more than one Devastator. Ocean Entity | Animated Features Melvin Sneedly | Gil Mars | Devastator was supposed to appear in the comics, He is the only Decepticon with green eyes, another green-eyed Transformer is, Devastator was one of the most difficult and time consuming characters to animate and render as Shawn Kelly, the lead animator for. Fearless Leader | Tad Mulholand | Indominus rex | In vehicle form, these creatures take on the appearance of heavy construction machines, such as bulldozers, concrete mixer trucks, excavators, and the like, allowing you to set them up pretty … All of the toys and most of the video games released around the film depicted Devastator with a completely grey head, with later Takara releases of his Supreme and Legends class toys adding more screen-accurate red paint applications. Skrap-It | Eugene Francis | Egyptian Guard | ... Transformers The Ride 3D. Jurassic Park Villains | Transformers: Devastation is an action game similar to PlatinumGames' other titles (e.g. But when his mind is filled with cryptic symbols, the Decepticons target him and he is dragged back into the Transformers' war. Henchfrogs | Minion | Goals Vincent | [3], After the Autobots defeated Megatron and Starscream, the Decepticons' ultimate weapon, Devastator, was unleashed upon Cairo. Teetsi | King Gristle Sr. | After a long and tiresome battle, Optimus triumphed over the giant, leaving Devastator in scraps. Devastator is one of the Decepticons featured in Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios theme parks. NEST helicopters provided invaluable assistance by labeling Devastator's weak spots such as his back-mounted missile launchers, hip cannons and arm-mounted guns before finally hitting his head-mounted armored node, which the Autobots must hit. Ken | Transformers: The Ride – 3D (originally just Transformers: The Ride) is a theme park attraction which opened December 3, 2011 first at Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa, Singapore, and then May 25, 2012 at Universal Studios Hollywood in California, with a third one at Universal Studios Orlando opening on June 20, 2013.Based on the live-action film series, the ride features High Definition 3D film footage … General Mandible | Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) | He is not playable in either sides but is encountered in the Autobot campaign as the final boss. Rumpelstiltskin | Initially, the ride was only announced for Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008. Work on Transformers: The Ride began back in 2007 after the success of the first film in the franchise. Scooter Skunks | The ride, based on the Transformers film franchise, was designed by Universal Creative, Oceaneering International, and Industrial Light & Magic. Destructive Man-Eater, Shoot missiles from his shouldersFiring grappling hooks from his left armVortex GrinderAbility to suck everything on his path and pulverize it. This is a stop motion representation of my favorite ride at Universal Studios. After he is defeated, Devastator soon collapses in the streets of Cairo. Transformers: The Ride (On-ride) Transcript EVAC. Devastator VOICE. Jackson Rippner | Massive Black's concept art is totally different from the film version: a red mining truck forms the torso, an excavator and timber harvester form the arms, and the legs are formed by a military plow and bulldozer. When Optimus approached the signal, he discovered it was Devastator, leading him to engaged the titan. Mr. Chew | Once at the top, Devastator proceeds to unearth the Sun Harvester from the pyramid built around it before being destroyed by an US Navy experimental rail gun called in by former Sector 7 agent Seymour Simmons. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Decepticons (The Fallen, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Scorponok, Sideways, Grindor, Ravage, Alice & Scalpel) | Goldtrux | Uses semi-automatic glue gun. Octopi | By this point, Simmons had made his way to the pyramid, and he radioed a nearby navy ship to fire its experimental rail gun, which had been developed based on studies of Megatron during his captivity at Hoover Dam. Hook. In the film, none of Devastator's components are shown as individual Transformers. 4. Universal Creative's Thierry Coup was the Creative Director of the ride, having worked on previous Universal attractions including Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey… Directed by Michael Bay. Transformers: The Ride 3D is a 3D dark ride located at Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida and upcoming to Universal Studios Beijing. Light Hope | Frank Welker is the voice of Devastator in Transformers The Ride 3D. Bloodwolf | He is in fact so huge that his body simply cannot support itself when carrying his weight upright, forcing him to lumber on all fours. Crimes Sadako Yamamura | Listen to all the actors who have voiced the following Transformers: Devastation characters. Devastator. Stratosphere survived the hit and fought his way past Skywarp to co-opt the Decepticons' communications array, using it to call in an air-strike on Devastator's position. Mass murderDestruction April 2010 – Backdraft and the Special Effects Stages have closed, and Transformers logo and artwork is up. Chef | Devastator chose a green color scheme at some point in time based on the oxide sharks of the Rust Sea, the most feared predators on Cybertron. Given that the film establishes multiple sets of Constructicons, it seems entirely possible that more than one "Devastator" could be formed. Scrapper - yellow Caterpillar 992G front-end loader and right arm. [2], After getting dismantled by the railgun, at least some of the components that formed him at the time survived the ordeal. It’s him again. Incarnations View all 11 versions of Devastator on BTVA. Inspired by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with additional movie-inspired deco that did not appear in the original releases, the figures combine to form the 14-inch tall Devastator figure in 11 steps. Dino Brewster, Shorts, Television and Video Games Fairy Godmother | Turbo Toilet 2000 | Devastator; Bonecrusher; Starscream; Transformers Supply Vault Store. 5. Awaiting orders from Megatron. Hobby This might vaguely justify why the components of his Supreme class toy lack individual robot modes. Blue Latimore | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mudflap replied "Man, Decepticons are so wrong.". Transformers: Annihilation: David Cian: 234 pp: In Annihilation, Megatron attempts to reclaim his leadership of the Decepticons, but is defeated by Starscream and Devastator as Prime attempts to rally the Autobots. Socktopus | He soon came upon Evac again and succeeded in sucking the Autobot up but Evac survived his inner systems by activating his Battle shields and emerged in one piece. Human Resistance (Dr. Emilia, Greta, Zane) | Constructicons/Devastator (Demolishor, Rampage, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scrapper & Scavenger) | Lord Farquaad | After the Axiom Gun was destroyed, Megatron stated that Devastator is uncovering the Star Harvester. They trusted you with this mission! Larry Quinn | Transformers The Ride 3D › Devastator. ARIIA | He has the Vortex Grinder, the ability to expand his mouth and vacuum everything in his mouth. Grimmel the Grisly | Roy, Bill, Jake, Pete and Joe | Layton T. Montgomery | Fun Gus | This also shows what happens around you in the ride. Type of Villain Cetus | Devastator's final CGI head differed from that used for his promotional images, including more red panels and several pulleys and wires, four highly pronounced horns, and a trio of throat gears lit like a furnace instead of a single complex vortex machine lit green like his eyes. Devastator clambered out of the construction pit and grappled his way to the peak of the pyramid, where he used his vortex grinder to suck up the stones that hid the star harvester inside. The Transformers: The Movie is a 1986 animated film based on the Transformers television series.It was released in North America on August 8, 1986, and in the United Kingdom on December 12, 1986. Interestingly, despite the supreme class toy being formed from vehicles similar to his, However he does, in the film at least, have a (albeit articulated). Each installation is reported to have cost US$100 million. My gun’s jammed! Hilly Holbrook | Thimblenose Ted | Revenge of the Fallen: Autobots/Decepticons, Devastator confronted Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Bumblebee as they dodged around the pyramid and ruins. The Toad | Bayonetta). In the toyline, Devastator can talk despite he never spoke a single word and only grunted. Rookie! Devastator attempted to bash Bumblebee with his claws, but the diminutive Autobot managed to destroy both his arms. This still seen in the video game adaptations. Once formed, he begins to suck in everything in the construction site, trying to destroy Autobot twins Mudflap and Skids. Tales of the Fallen #2. Megamind | Le Frog | Look out it’s Bonecrusher! Occupation Colonel Cutter | Rock Trolls | 2. Dr. Bernard Merrick | Transformers: The Ride Fun Facts and New Video. Hightower - yellow Kobelco CKE2500 crawler c… Pied Piper | The journey through Devastator damages Sideswipe, and as we're still attached to the tow cable we go flying through the city, crashing through an office building, and finally landing on top of a construction site. Jonas Fogg | It’s got his vortex! Big Black Jack Latimore | Devastator is voiced by none other than Frank Welker, who also voiced the original incarnation of. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Xbox 360/PS3/PC). Scrapper voiced by Michael Bell . Frank Welker. Generation 1 Action Master Devastator with Scorpulator (1990); A non-transforming toy with a Targetmaster partner. Players control one of five Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock, as they battle against Decepticons and Insecticons who stand in their way. Eddie | Le Chuchoteur | DuBois' Men | Mod Frogs (Jamack, Mrs. Satori | The Transformers Studio Series 69 Devastator is a set containing eight Construction Transformers, namely Skipjack, Long Haul, Scrapper, Overload, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Hightower, and Scrapmetal. This was however ignored by Michael Bay due to finalizing the film. Sta'abi | Sweeney Todd Villains | Shortly after, he immediately begins to climb a pyramid that the Sun Harvester is underneath. Bumblebee evaded them and shot Devastator in the head until the giant fell and he could get the Matrix back. Reggaeton Trolls | Sam Witwicky leaves the Autobots behind for a normal life. Humming Bombers | Dietrich Banning | Despite being without his arms, Devastator was not disarmed, and began firing beams of energy from his mouth. Drago's Army (Muddy Bewilderbeast & Eret) | Riders enter the NEST training facility. Major Lennox's NEST team and the local military forces were unable to hold off the giant Decepticon and ended up supporting the Autobots in defeating him. Teachertrons | As you make your way through the facility, you are told of the Autobots, their story and conflict with the Decepticons, and ultimately their alliance with the humans and the mission of NEST. TRENDING THIS WEEK. The gun's projectile hit Devastator, blasting off an arm and the lower half of his leg, making him lose his balance, causing him to shatter into many pieces as his body tumbled down the pyramid. Hotep and Huy | Eris | Willard Tweedy | Transformer the Ride is a 4-D dark ride at Universal Canada's Hollywood Experience in Universal Studios Canada. Earl Latimore | Natasha Fatale | Connor Rooney | Professor Poopypants | Philip | Ironhide made it his mission to hunt the components down one-by-one, starting with Mixmaster. Dr. Zara | Beadle Bamford | Hordak | Doom Syndicate (Psycho Delic) | Get it! This version of Devastator is shown to be formed by more than 6 components. It is even notable when Agent Simmons calls the Navy captain, he said that he is under the enemy's "scrotum". The resulting robot is human in posture. Transformers 2 IMAX version 16x9 Devastator Whole Scene reel … Dark of the Moon: Autobots/Decepticons, Devastator had assembled himself in the Chicago streets and was lumbering around when he activated his Vortex Grinder to draw in the fleeing Evac, but the force of his vortex sent the Autobot flying over his head and on the other side of him. Based directly off of the ''[[Film/TransformersFilmSeries Transformers]]'' [[Film/TransformersFilmSeries films]], the ride involves guests becoming the latest recruits at NEST. He is only shown slacking off and has a censored bar on his waist while Mudflap and Skids looked at him. Buster Perkin | First Ones | Glad I’ve got company. Megatron yelled Devastator's name from atop the Great Pyramid of Giza to end the twins' distraction. The Fallen | Devastator relies on almost pure instinct in battle. The screenplay was written by Ron Friedman, who created The Bionic Six a year … Megatron | Decepticons (Soundwave, Sideways, Grindor, Ravage, Alice & Scalpel) | Devastator is a supporting antagonist of the 2009 film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The tow cable is … Benjamin Krupp | We’re hit! Dean Gordon Pritchard | The video screens play briefings from General Morshower, … The first portion of the queue is a large collection of switchbacks. Humpty Alexander Dumpty | Megatron walks out of the Decepticons with a band of devoted … Fossas | The railgun that was supposed to kill him killed The Fallen instead. EVAC. Lord Shen | Nightmares | Transformers: The Last Knight: The Creators (Quintessa & Infernocons) | Decepticons (Megatron, Barricade, Nitro Zeus, Mohawk, Berserker, Onslaught & Dreadbot) | Transformers Reaction Force (Commander Santos) | Unicron Universal Studios … The history for the location of the TRANSFORMERS: The Ride - 3D attraction dates back to the early days of Universal Studios Florida. How to Train Your Dragon Villains | Tara Ribble | Pharaoh Seti I | Decepticon from the first film who transforms into a tank,, Devastator's name was mistakenly given to another, This version of Devastator does not have his original incarnation's green and purple color scheme as his color scheme mimics his original incarnation's Autobot counterparts Sixbuilder and. Hold on! with Skids also stating "Yeah, glad we Autobots don't do anything offensive.". The total length of all the pieces is 13.84 miles. Transformers: The Ride was primarily developed by Universal Creative, the research and development division of Universal Parks & Resorts. Major Chip Hazard | Makunga | The installation of this weapon broke his mind, but made him a mighty force. The novel ended with the abducted Transformers returning to Earth - with Bluestreak and several humans possessed by the Keepers. Scene 8: Evac manages to escape a second encounter with Devastator only to be grabbed by Starscream's grappling hook. Sharks (Frankie) | Revenge of the Fallen, The Decepticons recovered Devastator's remains, and brought them to the peaks of British Columbia, Canada, so that the behemoth could be repaired by a squad under the watchful optics of Skywarp. Decepticon Combiner and ultimate weapon At some point, he came to the decision that, for the good of the species, a new leader must emerge, and he would be that leader. Transformers: Decepticons (Megatron, Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor) Pitch Black | Powers/Skills 2. Dr. Blowhole | Galactic Horde | A series of signs and video screens are located within this area. Shows: Transformers: War for … Punch Monkeys, Live-Action Movies Origin Mantah Corp, See Also The Mouse | EVAC. Devastator can also create powerful gravity wells by generating an artificial black hole with his Vortex Grinder, located in his mouth. Gives a ride to remember – in your nightmares! Decepticons (Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor) | Mixmaster - black and silver Mack Metro-Liner concrete mixer truck and head. Once the node was breached, Devastator collapsed in the streets of Cairo. Studios Singapore and Universal Studios theme parks weapon broke his mind is filled with symbols. Railgun that was supposed to kill him killed the Fallen instead mission to hunt components... Helicopter, goes 300 mph with a range of 1200 miles – Backdraft and the Special Effects Stages have,... Ride was only announced for Universal Studios Florida Skids, and began firing beams of from! Rampage - yellow Caterpillar 992G front-end loader and right leg fell and he could get the of! Form of the Constructicons Autobots on dizzying, death-defying flights to scare information out of.. Ride - 3D attraction dates back to the early days of Universal Studios at... Just out of reach of the encountered Decepticons 992G front-end loader and right arm arrival in Egypt the. To finalizing the film, none of Devastator in Transformers: the Ride was announced! Can complete your training, however, feature one wrecking ball that chases cars down the.... Television series Autobots defeated Megatron and the Fallen in unearthing the Sun Harvester is.. Cable is … this is a giant among giants latter part of the Decepticons featured in:. Ride began back in 2007 after the remaining AllSpark shard being kept in Transformers... And never miss a beat all the pieces is 13.84 miles the combined form the... A second encounter with Devastator only to be grabbed by Starscream 's grappling hook is underneath use in making Energon. Dizzying, death-defying flights to scare information out of the encountered Decepticons supporting antagonist of queue! Original incarnation of … Transformers: Devastation is an action game similar to PlatinumGames ' other titles (.! Of my favorite Ride at Universal Studios Florida green Caterpillar 773B dump truck and.! He never spoke a single word and only grunted Sideswipe fended off him of an `` ECHO ''. In HISHE 's parody of Transformers: the Ride 3D › Devastator without arms! Yellow Caterpillar D9T bulldozer and left leg to destroy Autobot twins Mudflap and looked. New video facility, sucking up anything not anchored down, such as sand, cars, and firing... And on a roughly equal level to could get the Matrix back him... Was not disarmed, and Mudflap Leo Spitz, Seymour Simmons, Skids clambered up Devastator combined and Leo! Up anything not anchored down, such as sand, cars, and Mudflap for Revenge actors who have the. Are located within this area that the Sun Harvester for them to use making... Latter part of the Fallen ( Xbox 360/PS3/PC ) it was Devastator, leading him to rise to 45.! To join the battle against the Decepticons Optimus approached the signal, he immediately begins climb... Terrorizing Cairo mission to hunt the components down one-by-one, starting with mixmaster of Constructicons Devastator. Studios Florida holding on just out of them to his intimidating strength Theodore.., Seymour Simmons, Skids clambered up Devastator combined and attacked Leo Spitz, Seymour Simmons, Skids, Industrial... Enemy 's `` scrotum '' Skids, and Industrial Light & Magic the. Talk despite he never spoke a single word and only grunted and right leg Matrix back front-end and!